I finished this beautiful book today. These are interviews by famous writers from the South American continent. Some of them include Borges, Carlos Fuentes and Marquez. Lets have a look at what they have to say-:

  1. Borges
    Borges is one of the towering figures in Latin American Literature. So far ive read a bit of his Ficci ones. This Interview, like all the Interviews done for the Paris review is very informative. It gives a glimpse of his towering personality.For Borges, fiction was everything. He was a voracious reader and a polyglot. He knew several European languages and read many classics in the original. There was a bit of an anti-
    peronistic Streak in him, so we can’t say he was apolitical. He was in to the older English, and throughout the Interview, we can see a widely read, acutely Intelligent man.
  2. Pablo Neruda
    This one doesn’t need an Introduction. Pablo still remains as one of the greatest poet of all time. His evhole attitude towards writing poetry is very interesting. He wrote all the time, for the people. He enjoyed every minute of his life and tedium never infiltrated his life. He was truly a revolutionary poet, as we can see episodes when he Speaks about his days in Spain, when he fought for the republicans.
    He also Speaks about interesting personalities such as Lorca and Miguel Hernandez. For him, there was little difference between poetry and Politics.
  3. Julio Cortazar
    one of the topmost writers duringthe Latin American boom, his fame entirely rests on his magical novel- Hopscotch. Here, he speaks about his readings, the way he choose to write etc.
  4. Octavio paz This poet- diplomat from Mexico Speaks about the things that had Impacted his poetry. He was a diplomat, and had been india for Sometime. Mayan culture had deep in finance on him, like many authors of that era. He speaks beautifully about India.
  5. Carlos Fuentes
    Another writer from Mexico. He is famed for his novel- The death of Artemio Cruz. He Speaks about his writing patterns and Influences. For him, distance from his home country, life as an emigre had a deep Impact on his works.
  6. Gabriel Garcia Marquez Like Neruda, he also doesn’t need an introduction. Marquez speaks about his early days as a Journalist and his influences.He also speaks about the political climate and his relationship with Fidel Castro.
  7. Manuel- Puig. one of the Sensational writers to emerge during the boom era, Puig used a complicated story creating method.
  8. Gabriel Infante
    From an admirer of the Castro dispensation, he became a vocal critic of it. This is mostly a humorous interview.
  9. Mario vargas llosa
    Llosa is a very popular writer hailing from Peru. He says the ideas come to him a nebulous way and It would take helluva lot of time to develop.
  10. Luisa Valenzuela
    The only female in the list, this writer speaks about her years in NY as an exile and her
    verdict -: Must read for writers
    Rating – : 5/5

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