2021 Round up-:

1. The Tunnel- Ernesto Sabato

2. The Mind Map Book- Tony Buzan

3. The Mind of a Mnemonist- A R Luria

4. Make it stick- Peter Brown, Henry L Roediger, Mark A Mcdaniel

5. The Talent Code-  Daniel Coyle

6. How to Pass Exams- Dominic O’Brien

7. How to develop a brilliant memory week by week- Dominic O’Brien

8. You can have an amazing memory- Dominic O’ Brien

9. Flow- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

10. Moonwalking with Einstein – Joshua Foer

11. Mind Map mastery- Tony Buzan

12. A sheep falls out of the tree- C. Stenger

13. Meursault Investigations- Kamel Daoud

14. Man’s search for meaning- Viktor Frankl

15. You are a brand- Catherine Kaputa

16. Emotional Branding- Marc Gobe

17. Brand Yourself- Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy

18. Contagious- Jonah Berger

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