Djinn Patrol on the Purple line- Deepa Anappara

Deepa Anappara’s debut novel ‘Djinn patrol on the purple line’ is an astonishing one. it addresses the issue of child disappearances. Described by critics as a riveting novel, it has created ripples in the literary world.

The story takes place in a basti in an unknown city, where the protagonist, nine- year old Jai, lives with his parents and his sister. His mother works for a high Soceity lady in the city

Jai watches crime shows a lot, and is interested in becoming a detective. Then all of a sudden, children Start disappearing in their Basti. Then Jai, along with his friends, pari and Faiz,
begins an investigation to disinter bizarre truths.

This is a pretty simple novel, and the language is very simple. The novelist is scathing in her criticism of the high Soceity people. It addresses the core themes of poverty, human Cruelty, Selfishness, economical disparities etc.

Deepa was born in Kerala and has worked as a Journalist for years. Her experiences as a reporter reflects in the novel. As a debut novel, this was an amazing read.

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