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Reading Proust Day 27

On page 39.

I kept reading, rereading, making notes (almost in a meditative trance) . This is not an easy book. You have to visualize, make connections and get the bigger picture.

I once reached page 82, then again decided to reread, this time so many times till I got the correct connections

Monsieur Swann is an interesting character it seems…

Brilliant work by a genius!!!

Reading Proust : Day 1

Finally started to read The way by Swann’s. The first page is, what should I say, absolutely marvelous.

Favorite line-:

“I could hear the whistling of trains, which, now nearer and now farther off, punctuating the distance like the note of a bird in a forest, plotting the  distances, described to me the extent of the deserted countryside where the   traveler hastens  towards the nearest station: and the little road he is following   will be engraved on his memory by the excitement he owes to new places,to unaccustomed, activities,to the recent conversation and the farewells under the   unfamiliar lamp that follow him  still through the silence of the night, to the imminent sweetness of his return.”