The Chariots of Gods- Erich Von Daniken

Finished reading Erich Von Daniken’s The Chariots of Gods today.

Some books would make you think about existence. Like why do we live, and are we really alone in going through all the sufferings and privations? While reading Camus, Kafka and Sartre, I often mused about the futility of life. What is the meaning of everything? In the end we are turning in to ashes. So why?

When I was a young boy, I used to look at the sky and shout at them something like –“ Anyone there?” My stupid self would have expected a reply from somewhere. I was a strong believer in reincarnation back then.

Alien theories have always fascinated me. I remember seeing some star trek movies and Kubrick’s masterpieces, and some scientists like Carl Sagan have always been an inspiration. I wanted to know more, so at some point I started reading about UFOs, aliens and all.

In 2017, I heard about this book called the chariots of Gods. I heard that it is written by a man named as Erich Von Daniken.

 Erich Von Daniken, born in Switzerland, published the book in 1968, making it an international best seller. Since then I wanted to have a look at it. Last month I bought it and started to read. I cannot say it’s a classic, sadly.

Erich Von Daniken proposes that our earth had visitations from intelligent civilizations from the cosmos, and they have contributed in developing our culture. He states that everything of the antiquity, from Pyramids,  the Mayan civilization, The Inca civilization, Indian mythologies all were inspired by these mostly benevolent beings.

Erich Von Daniken,  as one of the pioneers in the field of the ancient astronaut theory, offers you some strange proofs that superior intelligences have visited the earth in the past.

The issue here is that, Erich Von Daniken’s theories aren’t that much conclusive and it’s very easy to term them as pseudoscience, at least this is what I think.

Can’t say it’s an awesome book, but he has tried his best in presenting his hypothesis that superior intelligences have visited the earth from other planets and had helped human kind in developing a culture.

Personally I do not believe much of the theory; still it’s a good read.

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